I believe in trees; in their brilliant structures, behaviours and qualities; in the ways they effortlessly embody dignity, self-expression and resilience, both above and belowground.  In my paintings, I propose the tree as a figurative element, a human surrogate as such. Within this construct, I explore the complexities of emotion and human behaviour as well as themes of mindfulness.

Images of single trees and tree lines are extracted digitally from the original contexts I photographed them in and are placed manually within invented and abstracted environments. Imposing photographic reality onto the beauty of a painted surface, I aim to create a dynamic graphic tension. Thematically, this visual tension is integral to my exploration of the contradictions and dualities that exist both within our external and internal environments.

Some of my recent work intentionally leaves unfinished or underdeveloped areas, which reveal and allow for the messiness and imperfection of ‘process’. I slowly pour paint or use large wide brushes in expressive gestures, allowing for the unexpected to occur as it moves across the surface, drying and interacting with other colours and forms. Both loose and controlled mark-making as well as vibrant pops of colour provide movement and energy across the surface. The pouring, pooling and bleeding of paint creates dark, inky, primal shapes; grounded landforms from which trees grow upward and outward. The resulting weightiness becomes a visual cue for dropping in and grounding oneself in an increasingly complicated, turbulent and unpredictable world.