Born in South Africa and based in Toronto, Nicole Kagan studied drawing, painting & photography at the University of Guelph and communication design and jewellery at OCAD University.

Known for mixing painting, photography and collage in her expressive, imagined landscapes, Toronto Artist Nicole Kagan is fascinated by the intersection of mindfulness and the creative process. An avid ‘noticer’ of the beauty of the every day and of emotional subtext, she is highly attuned to the nuances, contradictions & complexities of human behaviour, all of which finds expression in her work. Nicole’s beautiful surfaces contain meditative layers of opacity and translucency, incised and scratched marks and gestural brushwork, referencing the beauty and tragedy of the passage of time.

Nicole’s studio is located in the beautiful and historic Artscape Wychwood Barns. Her luminous, evocative paintings reside in private collections across Canada & the United States.

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